Sunday, November 4, 2012

Desinger Con...happened

I was really hoping to have a post ready before much for that.. Anyway I went and had a great time. I met a bunch of awesome people, made some new friends, and saw a crap ton of amazing work! SpankyStokes was kind enough to let me share his booth along with other great artists such as J Ryu, F+, Sekure D, Tasha Zimich, Carson Catlin, Neb5, and more. You can check out SpankyStokesDotCom for full details regarding the artists and their work  :) 

I sold the labbit and the 8" dunny but The four little guys are available at my Shop for $70 each. Visit or click Here for a direct link to the Exclusives. Stop by and check out their little buns! Also.....

This guy is also available for $100 

Thanks To Jesse, Aaron, Palmetto, and Sam for being generous hosts and letting me crash at their houses!