Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trying new things

I had a whole bunch of these decocolor paint pens left over from when I was drawing on shoes at the Haight Street festival in 2010. I haven't been using them since and it made me sad, so I just started doing stuff with 'em and it's been a lot of fun. They bleed through most of the paper I use so I started to gesso the paper to hold the paint and it works pretty well. I've never really used anything like them before, does anyone have any suggestions for what I can do with them? Have any of you used them before? I'd love to hear what people are doing with these things.

Materials used: Paper, Gesso, DecoColor pens, Micron pens

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Superhero and villain maquettes and Marionettes for sale

These are the original ideas for the Marionette i'm currently working on(see previous post) I hope to make a full size Villain Marionette, however it wont be in time for the show...or will it? Still no date haha. These sculpts were done using Klean Klay and are about 7 inches tall. I'm thinking about possibly making action figures out of them, any thoughts?

Also, here's a peek at some Marionettes I got into this year's Spring show at the Academy of Art. I received 2nd place Best of Show for undergrad, woohoo! I hope to have better photos of them eventually. The stands are made from forged steel and finished with linseed oil. They stand about four and a half feet tall. The marionettes vary in size, the tallest being nearly 3 feet when standing erect. They are made of ceramic and and finished with glazes. They are all currently for sale. If anyone is interested, leave me a comment and I'll provide you with my contact info.

A superhero in the making

This is a marionette I'm making for a superhero show. No one knows when the show is going to be and there is a possibility I wont finish in time. Either way I'm having a blast Making this guy, trying new techniques and going in a slightly different direction. I've started using hinge joints for the elbows and knees and I'm also trying out interchangeable hands. I'll post more photos when it's finished, keep an eye out.