Awards and Reception

Awards and Accolades

2013 1st place Best of Show for BFA Sculpture
2013 Nominated for Best Customizer and Breakthrough Artist at The designer Toy Awards
2012 1st place Best of Show for BFA Sculpture
2011 2nd place Best of Show for BFA Sculpture
2010 Student Choice Award for Sculpture

A Selection of Write ups and whatnot

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Custom Feature: Shadowboss series by Shadoe Delgado Via Toysrevil

Shadoe Delgado's Shadowboss series via Clutter

Shadoe Delgado's Shadowboss! & Minions custom Munny mini-series! Via SpankyStokes

Shadoe Delgado x Grundelmunch Via Clutter

Grundelmunch Custom Via Plastic and Plush

Custom Feature: Grundelmunch smorkin' Labbit by Shadoe Delgado via Toysrevil

Shadoe Delgado's custom Frank Kozik Labbit has the complete package! Via SpankyStokes

The Shadow-lings on Plastic and Plush Via Plastic and Plush

Shadoe Delgado's "Shadow-lings" Via Clutter

Shadoe Delgado turns Munnys into sculptures....Nude Sculptures even! Via SpankyStokes

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