Hello everyone, I'm doing a contest! Send me your Shadow-ling inspired Fan-Art and I'll give you $5 off your order in my shop just for participating! The fan-art could be, but not limited to: what kinds of masks could they be wearing to hide themselves, or what is it under the mask that they need to hide? Is there a girl shadow, transgender, or no gender? What do creatures like Grundelmunch look like without a mask? Have fun with it, and go crazy...or not crazy? Also, use whatever medium you feel comfortable with.
All your fan-art can be sent to and I'll repost your work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on this blog! Also, if you could give me your Twitter names(if you have one) I'll @mention you :)

So this is where the Contest comes in, on October 1st I'll hold a poll and the most popular piece will be turned into a custom toy and sent to the 1st place winner!  And yes there will be prizes for 2nd and 3rd place too. The breakdown will be:

1st prize: Your fan-art turned into a custom 7 inch(or more) Shadow and sent to you, a set of Shadow 1 inch buttons (including some with your art), and $10 off a future order.

2nd Prize:  A 6 x 6 hand painted wood panel by me, a set of 1 inch Shadow buttons(including some with your art), and $10 off a future order.

3rd Prize:  A set of 1 inch Shadow buttons(including some with your art) and $10 off a future order.

Tell your friends and followers about the contest, and get them to follow me in order to make it more fun and effective. I look forward to all of your entries! Have Fun :)


By MikeDie

By Supercooperberella

By Zamart

By Dronejmr

By Davemarkart
By Paulus Hyu
By Antonljungbladt
By Jason Simpson

By Jason Simpson

By Daniel Brackenridge
By Noun3
By Alison
By Eggaygonda
By abz1213
By JAVN3ss
By Countbrakula
By Toda
By cashcannon1

By Dontasma
By Sandie Ly

By Sandie Ly

By Sandie Ly
By Charles Lister

By Allan Armenta
By Clown Prince

By Clown Prince
By Clown Prince
By Hungry_imp

By Perseus Haolysce
By Tasha Z
By Roachshack138

By Blazonbrikhaus
By Livingrentfreeinyourmind
By Tusk

By _emoe_

By Lisa Nguyen

By Roche Muller

By David Kraig

By Iamtoonz


  1. Replies
    1. On the left hand side of this screen there are check boxes with names next to them. pick the name that corresponds with the art you like. If you are picking an artist that has multiple pieces and they win I'll hold another poll to see which one of the the images we like most. Due to my limited availability because of school and my day job and not being very computer savvy this is the best I could due for the voting. However if you know of a better system I'd love to hear it so I can keep it in mind for next time :)

      p.s. if you are voting from your phone, you wont be able to unless you are viewing the web version instead of the mobile version.

  2. Nothing too great about Tusk's work.
    It's good. But the other 2 - the 2nd and 3rd are much better.

    1. "most popular piece will be turned into a custom toy"

  3. Is voting closed?

  4. Would have loved a chance to enter this competition :/