Sculpture Gallery

Token faces for a Token Son
Made 2013
Creamic with Found Antler/Horns
Central Figure: 4'4" x 1'5" 

Out of Reach 
Made 2012
Bronze, Patinas
(triangle base 8"x11"x13")(square base 9"x9"x18)

Things That Bind Us
Made 2012
3'x3'x6' Ceramic, Slips, Glazes, Thread, Steel

For John
Made 2011
10"x10"x24" Ceramic, Glazes, Slips, Steel

Trees Fall and Shadows Rise
Made 2011
10"x10" ceramic, gazes, engobe

Super Heroes Series 1
Made 2011
8"x6"x34"(with steel base) Ceramic, Steel, Glazes, Engobes, Slips, thread

Marionettes Series 2
Made 2010-2011
8"x11"x50" Ceramic, Steel, Glazes, Engobes, Slips, Thread


Stand Alone Mask 1
8.5"L x 12"W x 23"H

Stand Alone Marionette 1

**Marionettes series 1

**Masks Series 1

** images coming