Friday, October 11, 2013


here's the flyer, if you would be so kind as to share it, I would much appreciate it!

Next Weekend is Oktoyberfest at the Royal Flesh Tattoo Gallery where Ardabus Rubber, Fuller, JC Rivera, Rocketboy and myself will have some amazing wrk for you to check out!  All the Info is below including a link to the pre-sale which take place in October 19th at 10 am! Also, the reception will include complimentary brew from Atlas Brewing Company and a live raffle with loot from Rotofugi & Royal Flesh Tattoo!

Here's a taste of what to expect from me ;)


Custom Toy Show 
Featuring the Art of:
Ardabus Rubber, Fuller, JC Rivera, Rocketboy & Shadoe Delgado 

Gallery Reception:
Saturday, October 19th 7pm - Midnight at
Royal Flesh Tattoo Gallery
4005 N. Broadway. Chicago, IL 60613

Online Preview: Friday, October 18th
Online Presale: Saturday, October 19th at 10am
Here's the link to sign up to get the online Oktoyberfest preview email which will include the presale info:

Event sponsored by Royal Flesh Tattoo Gallery, Rotofugi & Atlas Brewing Company

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sh** was crazy and then there was the Museum

Between school, the last bit of toy commissions until June, packing up all my belongings and shipping them to AZ, couch surfing, collaborations and maintaining some sense of a social life I've somehow forgotten to update my blog. Who woulda thunk that being busy had consequences. I'm so terrible -_- Anyway, besides all that crazy business I managed to land a wonderful opportunity sculpting an 18 inch mega munny vinyl toy and doing demonstrations for the Oakland Museum of California and their "We Customize" exhibit. The whole demo aspect of the exhibit is already done and over with however the museum will have the toy up for display within the week, or so I'm told.  Here are some pics of the Shadow Beast!

 Hopefully these can give you a sense of scale :P

There are a few more photos of the event on the We Customize tumblr showing some of the creations of the people who stopped by and you can find even more Work in progress pics on my instagram. It was pretty exciting, over 260 people showed up the first night, so much energy and everybody was so kind and inquisitive! Off the Grid was there too, so many tasty foooooooods! Once the piece is up I'll get some more photos, but if you're in the Oakland/Lake Merrit area stop by and check it out! It's free to see the exhibit so NO EXCUSES :P

Also, if anyone is interested in one of these mega beasts they are available in my SHOP
If you have any questions about anything, and I mean ANYTHING, please don't hesitate to ask! 

Monday, January 21, 2013


Ah man, I totally let this blog die... So much has been going on lately. Most recent thing to happen was a Show at Art Attack SF. It was an all day event where the artists came and did live sculpting and painting on Munnyworld platforms. The pieces I customized will be up until March 1st, though I'm not sure about everyone else. If you're in the San Francisco bay area stop by and check it out!

Also, a few shows to look out for in the next couple of months. Keep an eye out for details. I'll be jumping back into the fine arts this semester as well, look forward to seeing a bunch of ceramic work...possible some encaustic stuff too...we'll see. 

8 inch "I seeeee poop!"

8 inch Foomi Sketch