Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Head and figure

This is a quick 32" gesture sculpture that took about an hour to sculpt. The focus was to capture the gesture of the model using some basic shapes and to not get caught up in musculature. We were required to work fast and loose which I haven't done with figures before, needless to say it was a fun way to start the class. It's not the best work I've done but I'm hoping the progress I make will inspire me to keep working hard. I'm posting these pics so we can watch my progress as a figurative sculptor.
I've only sculpted people one other semester 4 years ago in a figure modeling and it feels great to be thinking in this way again. I'm excited to see my progress and hope there is something here to be learned from it. Oh yeah here's also a picture of the armature we use, if you're interested I can give you instructions on how to build it.

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