Sunday, September 21, 2014

Patreon Rewards!

 Hello Everyone, For those of you on the fence about pledging, here's a look at what you can receive. First we have the 4x6 "Thank You" print and the monthly print. After your very first pledge you will receive a "thank You" print for being an amazing human being and supporting a staving artist! Each month I'll be creating a new print for my Patrons, signed by me along with an orange P to remind you of your amazing patronage! Next we have the monthly pin-back button. Each month I'll be sending out a different 1 inch pin-back button to give your outfit, messenger bag or what have you some "zazz". Then we have the Exclusive Patreon 3 inch collectible figure. Each month I'll be releasing a new color variant figure exclusively for my Patrons. Spruce up your collectors shelves with these amazing exclusive colorways and brag to all of your buddies about how you're one of the few fortunate to receive it ;) Also, there's all of the exclusive content you're not seeing, receiving exclusive producer credits on upcoming releases(printing your name on the box, whaaaaa?!?!) and the warm fuzzy feeling you get from supporting your favorite artist :) Anyway, I hope this finds you well, thank you for your time! 

 Come Check out my Patreon, all kinds of good stuff going on over there

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