Friday, August 15, 2014

It's Been a While...

I feel like a lot of my blog posts start out that way. There's been a lot going on and I'm not not really sure where to start. At the moment I'm looking for help to get my Patreon(more info coming soon) off the ground so I can start funding the large projects you've all been waiting for and I have a new series of toys on the horizon. The series' name is "Shadows and Ghosts" and it will feature at least six 3 inch figures. I got the idea from a random ghost doodle I did.

The inspiration for the upcoming series

  Things that happened: I was part of an amazing sculpture show at the Clutter Gallery,  my grandpa died, I revised some policies in my shop, I went to CCACA, Started putting a fence up around my property, my cat became ill, started cleaning out my old shack in the hopes of turning it into a studio, was in another group show over at Makerbot, got my first stitches, got my moms truck stuck in a flooded wash, Started doing pen and ink drawrings, I found some baby birds, found some toads, found some spiders, and I rearranged my house. I'm sure there is a lot of other things I haven't mentioned that have happened, but whatevs. Here are some photos to help illustrate :)

My decrepit shed/soon to be studio
I got some friends together and we tore down all of the interior walls and dry wall. 

Me in my decrepit shed with a shadow looking over my shoulder
 I didn't have any photos of myself.

One of the shows I was in
I made the Fabulist and the Auditor for this show. It was amazing..., at least from what I could see of the photos.

Baby Birds
 While we were breaking down the inside of the shed we found two bird nests with little baby birds.

Audrey and Binks
 This is Audrey(left) and Binks(right). Binks had some crystals build up in his bladder due to our heavily mineralized well water. I had to take him to the vet to have them removed and leave him over night. It sucked.

A pen and ink with watercolor I did

One of the tarantulas I found

The wash where I where I got my moms truck stuck
 Driving home I hit this wash going a little too fast and water got all up in the engine making it stall. Usually when I take it slow it's traverse-able.

One of the toads I caught

The Fabulist and The Auditor
I made these guys out of ceramic for the Tenebrous Show at Clutter.

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